Over a billion Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, smart IoT devices, and industrial devices, have been found vulnerable to a high severity vulnerability that could allow attackers to spy on data transmitted between the two devices. The vulnerability, assigned as CVE-2019-9506, resides in the way ‘encryption key negotiation protocol’ lets two Bluetooth BR/EDR devices choose […]

You might think that your business is going to be OK even if a single device goes down. After all, there are other devices your people can use. It’s not as if the entire system is going to fall like dominoes. Or is it? Get rid of single points of failure to make one vulnerability […]

Your business relies on any number of service providers. You’re likely contracting for domain names, website hosting, data backup, software licenses, to name just a few. And that’s only your online presence! So, when a renewal notice comes in, you might just forward it on or file it away for future reference. Here’s what you […]

What happens when an everyday tool breaks in your business? Does it mess with your day, cost you money, and cause you to lose productivity? You bet! What happens when your computer crashes, the printer won’t print, it takes longer to save documents, or your hard drive suddenly becomes full? You could hire a fairly […]

Common urban myths would have us believe alligators live in sewers or people put razor blades in kids’ candy. Common misconceptions about computers are just as persistent. Here are several IT myths debunked for your benefit. #1 A slow-running computer has a virus A virus can be to blame. Spyware or other malware can also […]

Your business is always looking to reduce costs. Looking at the information technology budget line items is headache inducing. So much money spent in one area, and there’s so little you can do about it! But is that really true? IT expenses may not be as fixed as you think. Take a look at these […]

What You May Not Know About Deleting Data From Your Hard Drive! When we accidentally delete something, it feels like the end of the world. If a client file or new presentation is deleted, you may have to start again. Oh no! Yet deleting files is not as permanent as you may think. When it […]

Two years after promising to report all HTTP-based web pages as insecure, Mozilla is about to deliver. Soon, whenever you visit one of the shrinking number of sites that doesn’t use a security certificate, the Firefox browser will warn you. Firefox developer Johann Hofmann announced the news this week: In desktop Firefox 70, we intend […]

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Jimmy Philyaw, to the position of Project Manager in our Administration Department. Jimmy has jumped right in, working with customers and clients to create plans and identify resources needed to help increase productivity, upgrade software and hardware, and meet customer and client specific needs. Jimmy comes […]

We’re excited to announce that Scott Peterson has been promoted to Service and Security Compliance Manager. Scott joined Cyber Solutions approximately two years ago and has proven to be an asset as a Project Manager and Sales Engineer, working with many of our existing clients as well as streamlining the onboarding process for our new […]