Podcasts are huge these days. Popular podcast Serial has been downloaded millions of times and has become a pop culture phenomenon right alongside other “did they really do it” series like Netflix’s Making a Murderer. Podcasts are also used for informational and educational purposes. NPR offers its programs in podcast form so users can listen at their own pace. […]

Emails that aren’t encrypted are vulnerable to attackers looking to steal proprietary or financial information. They are looking for Social Security Numbers, login credentials and bank account numbers to sell on the Dark Web.  If they obtain your login credentials, they can take control of your email, or your company’s network.

Passwords are a problem. In one sense they are exactly the opposite of what they should be. They’re hard for users to remember but easy for intruders to guess or steal. The user frustrations with the current system make it ripe for abuse, and that’s exactly what’s taking place every day. The best solution for […]

10 Ways It’s vital to keep your network and data safe from the rising threat of cybercrime.  The best way to do this is with a layered approach to security. Your managed service provider should be up-to-date on this. Plua your employees need regular security awareness training and you need to monitor what your employees […]

No matter your profession, reusing passwords is a horrible idea. It’s dangerous and insecure. Reusing passwords is especially problematic for those working in fields like law, ones that require confidentiality in one form or another. Many people already know that reusing passwords is unsafe, but they do it anyway. One recent survey conducted by Lastline revealed […]

We can’t function without passwords. So much of the internet is built on the concept of a username plus a password that the concept is core to users’ internet experience. It’s a clever but imperfect system that could certainly be improved upon, but until a game-changing replacement comes along, we have to play the game. […]

What Is An EULA? An EULA is an End-User License Agreement or software license agreement between you (the purchaser) and the licensor (the software company) that defines the ways the software can be used and your rights to use it. Experts now recommend checking EULAs to ensure you’re not storing confidential information in a solution that’s […]

18 Tips To Help You Get The Most From Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is a powerful tool to attract clients to your firm.  However, it’s not always easy to know how to go about using it.  What information should you post?  Where should you post it?  Should you use hashtags?  We’ll help you […]

Attorneys have unique needs for the storage of information while needing to access data on clients and cases from remote locations. That’s why cloud computing has become such a popular option for lawyers. However, the value of cloud computing needs to be tempered with concerns about security and privacy. Below is your 2019 introductory guide to cloud computing for […]

About Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams has become a great meeting application for law firms because it’s so easy to use and offers so many great features. This popular platform combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and even allows attachments. It integrates with the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite that includes all the familiar applications you use […]