Is Your Financial Firm Secure? 11 Steps To Take For IT Security Although you lock your doors, have security cameras installed and hire guards to watch your property, your financial firm could still be in danger from cybercriminals and rogue employees. The threat landscape is rapidly becoming much more problematic than has been in the […]

Financial services and technology are truly inseparable. You depend on technology to help you communicate with clients and partners, streamline processes, and work efficiently while meeting the needs of those you serve. But, to meet FINRA & SEC requirements, you must put specific technology solutions in place to mitigate the risks of noncompliance. The right IT provider can help you do this. 

  Did you know? Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020. Beginning this April, Microsoft will start displaying pop-ups on all Windows 7 computers alerting the users that their support for Windows 7 will be ending. Don’t be alarmed.  Microsoft also did the same thing with Windows XP before shutting down their support […]

Financial service firms: beware. Your data is a target. A new report out of the United Kingdom (UK) cannot underscore enough the severity of the issue. But it is nothing new. The FBI has put the alarms on since 2011, from threats of account takeovers to third-party payment processor breaches to securities and market trading exploitation […]