Remote Monitoring

remote monitoringYou can proactively prevent network and workstation IT issues with our remote monitoring solution. It is frustrating when a computer, printer, or network goes down. It prohibits your staff from completing daily tasks adding to the cost of operations and repair of the problem. With Cyber Solutions’ affordable and flat-rate remote monitoring service, you can proactively eliminate serious errors before they occur.

Remote Monitoring Process

  • Monitoring software is installed on the workstations and servers under contract.
  • When an issue is detected, a notification is triggered and sent to our Network Operations Center (NOC).
  • The NOC generates a ticket using this information and notifies our IT technicians to investigate the issue.
  • Using a remote login tool, a knowledgeable technician is able to virtually see what is on the computer screen.
  • The technician fixes potentially critical issue.

 Work Station/Network Maintenance

Up-to-date software and firmware is an essential part in keeping your workstations and servers running efficiently. New viruses, Trojan horses, and other malware are created every day. They are designed to exploit holes in software code to gain access to your system. While all major software companies “patch” these holes, users are known to let these updates lapse or forget about them entirely. With Cyber Solutions’ remote maintenance solution, a trained technician works with your employees to take care of all the essential maintenance that your computer systems need.

Work Station/Network Maintenance Process

  • We set up configuration profiles for all your workstations and catalog important information about the PCs managed in the contract such as OS type, software license information, anti-virus information, internal specifications of the machines, and user information.
  • When we need to update your hardware or software, one of our highly trained technicians in the NOC will receive a notification.
  • Updates are scheduled to be delivered at your convenience ensuring that workstations and servers receive necessary updates with the least amount of downtime.


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