Is your data secure? Would your business survive a disaster that took out all your data?

Over 80% of businesses don’t have a reliable backup solution. That means most businesses are not protecting one of the most valuable assets they have – their data. Your company’s data consists of your employees work over the years – contracts, sales, bills, even day to day emails. The cost of restoring data on a malfunctioning hard drive is expensive and more importantly, not something that is guaranteed to work. No matter your industry, your data is vital, invaluable, and irreplaceable.

If you have suffered data loss, you already know how hard it is to get back to where you were before. It takes massive downtime to wait for your backup to be restored – time you could spend handling business and not your IT.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an archived, redundant, and ready to restore backup and disaster recovery plan in place? Wouldn’t it be great if you could be up and running in minutes instead of losing hours and days of productivity?

With Cyber Solutions’ Upstate SC Secure Data Backup Experts, you can sleep well knowing that your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready-to-restore at a moment’s notice, even after a major disaster. Our system can back up your data every fifteen minutes or daily based on your needs. In the event of a severe malfunction, it can assume the role of your server and still perform backups. So no matter what, your network is still up while your server is being fixed and parts are being ordered. For another layer of safety, your data is encrypted and archived at three off-site data centers (one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast, and one in Canada) incrementally. This is the ultimate, bulletproof solution for your data backup and disaster recovery. This is a complete fail-safe for your data.

Don’t under estimate the importance of your data. Your company’s data is one of the most valuable assets.


Data is the only asset you own that insurance cannot replace.