Computer Repair

There are many ways that your organization’s vital computing hardware can break – from parts to viruses. Cyber Solutions’ comprehensive computer repair and IT repair services can fix about any PC-related issue you have.

Computer Hardware Will Always Fail

We know it’s frustrating when computers malfunction. Cyber Solutions offers “break-fix” computer repair for business users as needed. Overall, we prefer to take a proactive stance when it comes to many of our services, which is why we offer Upstate SC Managed IT services & support.

Business Computer Fixes

All parts of your company’s IT infrastructure will fail at some point – servers, workstations, firewalls, routers, printers, monitors, and more. Cyber Solutions’ Managed IT Services’ goal is maximum IT uptime.

Example of a Real Service Agreement:

7 computers monitored and maintained by an expertly trained technician for

$504 per month/160 work hours = $3.15 per hour

More than Just Computer Repair

At Cyber Solutions, we thrive on presenting value to our clients. Our “break-fix” IT repair services and Managed IT Services are no different. From your company’s server to the newest mobile devices, our technicians will find the solution to get your organization’s IT working for you.